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Design and Analysis Tools

Side-Channel Attack (SCA) Evaluation Tool & FPGA Evaluation Boards

To perform efficient SCA evaluations on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) designs on the basis of simulations or measurements, we offer a user-friendly SCA Evaluation Tool. FPGA evaluation boards are available for AES implementations and their SCA evaluations.


Graphical-User-Interface (GUI)

Ease of Use

Fast analysis and pre-qualification

Applicable to AES

Applicable to both simulation & measurement data

SCA for power and electromagnetic (EM) method

State-of-the art attacks – Correlation Power Analysis, Differential Power Analysis, and Machine Learning

Configurable points of attack

Configurable power models (Hamming Weight, Hamming Distance, Weight Model, Bit Model, Zero Model, etc.)

Trace management

Pre-analysing, pre-processing and digital signal processing features available

Data acquisition possible

FPGA hardware evaluation board available

Trace management

Technical support available

For more information, please download our product brochures as follows.

Brochure for the SCA Evaluation Platform

Brochure for the FPGA Evaluation Boards