Async2Secure is dedicated to offer solutions to address today’s critical hardware security issues for Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The critical hardware security issues amount to a multi-billion market for various security applications such as defence, finance, data management, wireless communication, internet of things (IoTs), etc. This is because ICs and/or FPGAs embodied in these applications could be attacked in a number of ways, ranging from non-invasive side-channel attacks, semi-invasive attacks to fully-invasive reverse engineering. For example, by using side-channel attacks, an adversary could study the profiles of power dissipation of an encryption device, and then form a correlation to reveal the secret key within the encryption device. At worst, an adversary could use reverse engineering to delayer the chip microphotograph, analyse the layout and netlist of the circuits, and hence reveal the design information, e.g. design IPs.

Async2Secure specializes in esoteric asynchronous-logic, hardware security and IC design to offer to unique products and services to design secured design solutions and/or to evaluate security risks for ICs/FPGAs.

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